Saturday, August 22, 2015

Come and...get it?

We all have something that we always dream of having. And we will go great heights just to have that or to make it happen. Often, it leads to good results...or so we think it does. Many times in our journey toward what we have been dreaming for, we end up either falling short or making the wrong decisions. Which, at times, leads us to not even reaching close to achieving what we are dreaming of.

What constitutes the wrong decisions that we make? 



The journey is a process. And in the process, we gain experiences. And in the experiences, we learn and grow.

Yet, we get too caught up with the dream that we never want to go through that process anymore. We want to get it instantly. No room for waiting, for thinking, for discernment. And in that impulse of immediately chasing after what we have been dreaming of, we feel happy. We feel content. 

Or so we thought we were.

Then we realize one thing: 

...the bliss was just temporary.

It becomes a fleeting moment that just fades away. Then you will feel disappointed. Causing you pain and sometimes...other people as well.

We should've learned by then, right?


One painful and disappointing experience sometimes is never enough for us. We would still keep on taking the quick and easy path to our dreams once we see the opportunity to do so. Waiting is never an option. Instant gratification is.

Instant joy. More disappointment. More heartbreak.

I realized that one has truly learned if he does not commit the same mistakes he has done before. 

This is something all of us should be reminded of.

We all have hopes and dreams. It is part of being human. But not all dreams are given to us in an instant. The fulfilment of our dreams is always something worth waiting for. Just like your favorite food will never be served instantly, so do our dreams. It takes time, it goes through the (painful) process. 

And it is the process that makes it refined and perfect for us.

Dream. Wait. Receive.

You deserve better.

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