Monday, January 10, 2011

Life is what you make it...


It is a gift given to us by our Almighty God. Freely given, free of charge. However, there is just one simple condition so that we could always enjoy the benefits of this gift:

Take GOOD care of it.

I mentioned earlier that life is a gift from God. However, sad as it may seem, for others, this very life and existence that was freely given is a CURSE for them. And this gives them 'enough' reason to end their very existence. And yet, there are a lot there who, despite the fact that they still wish to live longer, their lives are taken away from them - when they LEAST expect it. :(

If that is the case, what are we to do with this very existence that was freely given to us? Simple.

Make the most out of it.

But I it really that simple to make the most out of our existence?

We can always find a lot of reasons to tell everyone that life is meaningless, useless and just some crap that we deal with everyday: stress at home, stress in school, stress at work, stressful classmates and co-workers, financial stress, and so on. The list seems ENDLESS...we just can't find a reason to SMILE...

Yet, one principle comes to mind:

Happiness is a CHOICE.

No one in this world can REALLY make us happy except OURSELVES. No one in this world can calm you down and snap you off your "sober mode" unless you choose to.

At this point, you might say: "that's easy for you to say, since you are not in our situation...!"

Let me tell you this: I have had my dose of moments where I felt down, lost, defeated...but what spells the difference? Why am I still existing?

I chose to be happy.

I picked myself up after falling, and moved on. And if I fall again, I do the same thing. If i fall really hard, I don't choose to stay there. If others extend a hand to help me rise again, I'd gladly reach for his hand and guess what? Move on again. It is never easy all the time, yet it is our choice to be happy that gives it a different perspective. And if we continue to practice this in our very lives, we can find that life will just be a breeze...storms may come, but you can just brush it off. Your joy will be your most powerful weapon in facing all the storms of your life. And eventually, this joy that you have with you can help you build an 'army' of people who share that same joy and happiness and you will find yourself getting through without sweat. :)

Does stress pull you down? Well, continue to be stressed!

STRESS this point to yourself: BE HAPPY, BE HAPPY, BE HAPPY!

Let GO and let GOD!


Sophie said...
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carmen sancherz said...

god is a true and living god put your trust in him