Monday, January 17, 2011

How valuable are you?

I heard from my favorite preacher Joel Osteen that scientists made an attempt to compute how much the average human would cost - every single cell, atom, tissue, bone, etc. It showed that the average human body would cost around 6 Million Dollars, or 258 Million Pesos... :O Wow!!! that's some amount...who would've believed that we are actually multi-millionaires! :O

And take note...that's only the amount computed for an AVERAGE person... ;) peace out! :)

I guess this is enough to make us realize how valuable we are; how much value God put into us. I think that's how we should put it. :)

Putting that aside, how valuable are we?

I have realized that we are very valuable and special, no one should take that away from us. No one in this world is licensed to take away the value and dignity we have. The same preacher said that we seemingly base our values on the wrong places. We base our value and self-worth to what other people think about us. So, if these people say that "you are not good enough", "you are not that handsome/ beautiful", "you are not talented", your self-worth will also go down the drain because again, you depended your value on what other people tell about you.

And I agree to that. For years, I have depended on what other people think of me as my basis for my self-worth. As a result, I think I never fully realized how valuable I am because I would always hear negative comments about me...even as we speak. I've had my dose of people looking down on me...ignoring me every single day, people who single me out, and so on. And I tell you, its a pain is a constant struggle trying to get the approval of others (who tend to disregard me anyway). And I tell you, it is tiring, it is stressful. No wonder I lost (for  a moment) my motivation in doing things. I based my value on the wrong people, on the wrong places.

Mr. Osteen suggests that we do away with such thinking. Base our value and self-worth on someone who chooses us, approves us, and loves us unconditionally:


God created us in His own image and likeness, we are chosen, we are His prized possessions. He approves of us, we are uniquely special. For our Creator, we are just perfect. Our unique characteristics are important to Him. We are unique, special and treasured. :) And this alone, my friends would be enough for me to say that there is no room for insecurity in our lives. Even if others reject you, even if others don't see your worth...God, our Creator is constant in making us feel and understand that we are His Masterpiece. 

Celebrate the people who celebrate your existence. Shun any thought of negativity in your mind due to your past experiences and what other people tell about you. Join people who love you and care for you because of YOU. 

Don't dwell on your past experiences that caused you pain.

Don't dwell on people who tell you that you are not special and not good enough.

Dwell on people who celebrate your existence. Dwell on people who celebrate your personality. Remind yourself that you are God's masterpiece, you are chosen, prized and cherished. Your value is much more than the negative things the people around you are telling you. Fill your life with positivity and gladness. :)

Let GO and let GOD! :)

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