Thursday, March 31, 2016


What drives you?

What gives you a reason to wake up each day?

What is your source of joy?

All it takes is a little push.

To wake up every day even when it feels so dragging.


To allow you to keep moving on even when the circumstances seem so difficult and overwhelming.


To give you a smile in your face even when tasks seem daunting.


I am currently facing a dilemma in terms of my work.

I am getting too comfortable.

Too comfortable in the sense that I am already losing a sense of my identity. Too comfortable that I find myself dragging myself to work each day.

The push is gone. And I have tried so hard to find it again.

It's gone.

Thank God I have not drifted away with it as well.

A push, I have learned, can come in a form of a challenge or challenges that will force you to make necessary changes in able for you to adapt, grow and learn so that you can become a better person. It is not going to be easy though. It will involve risks. Huge risks.

And if you are not willing to take those risks, be assured that your life will forever be a drag. You feel comfortable, but you are never going anywhere.

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